Algarve, a region filled with Portugal pleasures


Algarve, a mind-blowing region of continental Portugal which offers delightful experience for visitors, the photos of this region in Instagram is going viral since few months. It enthralls in all angles and all age groups, pristine beaches for families, water parks for teenagers, buzzing nightlife for young couples and historic towns for cultural tour.

Visitors love to spend time near beach

Superb climate, fantastic beaches, dramatic landscape and quaint villages will make up a fantastic experience for visitors.
As compared to other holiday destinations in Portugal, Algarve is cheapest for holiday spending. During summer, the flow of tourists will be more and crucial in Algarve’s summer economy.
Algarve is concluded as “world’s best place to retire” by an American-based study.
There are plenty of resorts to provide accommodation, but over the past few years many tourists visiting the Algarve have moved away from the resorts, and have chosen the comfort of a traditional Algarve guesthouse. The resorts offer an abundance of great bars, shops, cafés and restaurants, while trips to colorful local markets provide an entertaining and rewarding pastime.

local markets in Algarve

Footpaths and cycle trails are best to get to know about the region, such as the Algarve Way inland or the Vicentine Route along one of the best preserved coastal stretches. And boat rides are another ecological way to observe the flora and fauna.
Another interesting thing about Algarve is, great range of events take place throughout the year. Open-air concerts, beach parties, jazz festivals can be expected during summer.


Walking, sightseeing, cycling, surfing, golf, tennis, horse riding, kayaking, kite surfing, rock climbing, wakeboarding and many things can be enjoyed in Algarve.
Centuries-old towns with their winding narrow walkways, whitewashed markets and village square cafés add some more taste to the trip.
Finally, it is holiday destination which has to be visited once in our lifetime.


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