Buffoon Rajesh Bhagwan and Hypocrite and puerile Xavier Duval have a child like tantrum in the National Assembly! How Pathetic! Grow up?

  • The useless opposition of PMSD, MMM and PTR walked out of the National Assembly after the insane behaviour of Rajesh Bhagwan who starts foaming at the mouth and verbally attacking the Speaker of the House, Mrs Hanoomanjee. What a disgrace to treat a speaker of the National Assembly like that.
  • Gujarati speaking and former meter reader for CEB Bhagwan must understand that in Mauritius, we do things differently. We understand that there are around 250 Gujarati speaking people in the entire Mauritius. But his behaviour is a disgrace to his tiny community. Bhagwan belongs to the Gujarati-speaking community (a few hundred in total in Mauritius).
  • There are serious concerns about Rajesh Bhagwan’s alleged capacity to operate as an elected representative in Mauritius. His unparliamentary behaviour and his crazy shouting bring the politics into the gutter.

It would seem Rajesh Bhagwan lacks a formal education – allegedly, he appears not to even have a school certificate. A former meter reader, he has risen to become MMM’s number three official. How? only Berenger knows!

Bhagwan receives a member national assembly salary and yet was able to send his two children to be educated in London. As a public figure, the electorate may legitimately ask questions about his financial background and might indeed wonder if alleged assets have been concealed. The Mauritian public has a legitimate right to ask and to know about our elected members of the National Assembly.


National Assembly

It appears that the opposition parties planned the walkout as they have nothing to answer for the popular budget and excellent economic health of the nation.

Xavier Duval, the son of the so-called “LE ROI DE CREOLE” Sir Gaetan Duval has lost all credibility. It is important to remind him that his candidate in Quatre-Borne / Belle-Rose lost his deposit. Quatre-Borne/ Belle-Rose is supposed to be Xavier Duval’s main political bastion. If he cannot win in his own backyard, then it is time for Xavier to go back to accountancy as quickly as possible.

Loser politician and idiot from the MMM Rajesh Bhagwan went on a crazy rant in the Assembly and showed his true colours. Bhagwan showed he likes to behave like a tyrant and was very rude and tasteless in his treatment of the Speaker Maya Hanoomanjee.

Bhagwan must understand that the majority of the voters will not tolerate his dirty language and we will start questioning him about his alleged outside interest.

Xavier Duval whose party PMSD under his father said that they did not want “LANGOUTI ET ENVELOPER NOUS PA LE DANS MAURICE” our Hindu clothes in Mauritius which all Hindus are proud to wear in Mauritius however clearly masterminded the walkout and it was his party member who started the questioning of the Minister Seesungkur. The Minister answered the question fully from Reza Uteem and the PMSD decided to ask moronic questions. The Minister declined to take them up on the provocation.

At that point Bhagwan starts acting like a rabid dog! Buffoon! As President Donald Trump would say. He started screaming and threatening the Speaker after she asked him to refrain from unparliamentary behaviour. He then started to shout like a crazy old man and it seemed at one point that he would vault over the desk and confront the Speaker.

Clearly the opposition planned this and Bhagwan was the main man for the job.

Rajesh Bhagwan must remember as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam once said after the independence of Mauritius about a minority group of people who were against an Indian- origin Prime minister of Mauritius. He said that there are planes and ships coming every day to Mauritius and if you are not happy with Mauritius, you are free to take the next plane and go back to another country if you do not like the majority of Mauritian people’s electoral will.

The minority group of people took the advice of Sir S. Ramgoolam and decided to leave for Perth in Australia where they ended up working much to their chagrin and disappointment as farm labourers and servants to the Anglo- Saxons Australians. In Mauritius, these guys were the middle classes and highly paid office managers but in Australia, they were the maids and farm workers of the Australians.

Mauritius is our motherland and we are not a tinpot dictatorship and we are not begging anyone to stay.

No one will miss you, Bhagwan, if you decide to leave and join your children and your vibrant Gujarati community in UK. Good Riddance!


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