Gauja National Park, a feast for eyes


Gauja National Park, a glorious place filled with high biological diversity, rock outcrops, varied terrain shapes, springs, picturesque landscapes and many historical and cultural monuments from different centuries.
There are many things in park to entertain tourists in all angles and all age groups. Visitors need not to be frightened during their visit, because it is one of the best-appointed protected territories in Latvia in terms of nature trails and tourism routes.

Gutmanis Cave

Gutmanis Cave is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Latvia. It has formed due to millennium long interaction between the river and an underground spring. There are many legends and tales behind Gutmanis cave, people had come to cave to make their offerings to the deities until 19th century. “Rose of Turaida” is one of famous legends of cave.

Cēsis History and Art Museum

Cēsis History and Art Museum, one of the largest municipal museums in the country and serving as not only an important town, county and regional repository of past values, but also the town’s business card and the intersection of contemporary cultural life. It is located at the heart of the old town of Cēsis with a significant 18th – 19th century National architectural monument – the Cēsis castle manor house. It consists of more than 155 000 collection objects.

Līgatne nature trails

Līgatne nature trails, one of mesmerizing activities in of Gauja National Park. Visitor Centre created Līgatne Nature Trails in 1975 to acquaint visitors with nature, the species of wild mammals living in Latvia, the natural diversity and the necessity of its protection. Many animals can be found while hiking which are brought from different places in Latvia.

Ungurmuiža Manor

Ungurmuiža Manor, it was built in 1731-1732 in Baroque style for the owner, Lieutenant General Balthasar Freiherr von Campenhausen. It is a elegant construction with richest wall paintings and ceiling plafonds of Baroque age in Vidzeme region.
Not only above mentioned places, but also there are many more places in and around Gauja National Park which are serving as major tourist places and providing fulfilment to visitors.


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